Earl Kennedy

Posted: Aug 9, 2017

To all of the Combat Infantrymen who paved the way and sacrificed with such glory and honor for our nation.To all of our Veterans and their families who continue to stand up for our freedoms and safety. I sincerely thank you on behalf of our Combat Infantrymen’s Association.-Earl Kennedy-National Commander

Lou Orlando was always front and center to help our A11FL unit. Lou was a retired cop and after I got to know him I soon realized that he had put lots of bad guys away.Lou was a Korean War Combat Infantryman. I met him when I became a member and attended my first meeting. Right away he checked me out as if I was under investigation. It was only a short time later that he had me on the Executive Committee. He talked a lot and presented his views and opinions without reservation but what impressed me was that he was basically right all of the time. I really liked this old retired cop and investigator. He was still doing cold cases well into his retirement.We hit it off because of my investigative experience and volunteer work for the Sheriffs Dept. Lou was our cameraman and he videoed us about our war experiences. He knew how to ask questions and he made you remember things suppressed on purpose or simply forgotten. What a politician he was also.He once ran for Sheriff just to alter the outcome of the election. We attended his memorial service recently and his Police Officer Buddies euologized him well.The Charlotte Co Sheriff was his good friend and he told a lot of good stories about Lou – We laughed. Lou – We salute you and thank you for being in our life as a Brother Combat Infantryman and good friend. God Bless Lou Orlando and his family.

Earl Kennedy, Chaplain-A11FL

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