Comment from the Past National Commander

Posted: Aug 9, 2017

I receive a significant amount of mail and many letters from veterans and their families. Recently I received a letter from a Mrs. Jean Pavlosky of Greenwood AR. Mrs. Pavlosky requested information on “where can I find evidence to support my son Larry William Lewis’s quest in getting his Combat Infantryman’s Award recorded”. Mrs. Pavlosky was armed with an official letter awarding the award to her son by a Major McDonald in June 1967.

Larry was a Military Policeman fighting with C Troop 1st Squadron, 10th Cav.1st Cav. Division. The McDonald award letter details how Larry fought and killed Viet Cong in an attack on the base camp of Duc Pho. This award letter goes on to explain Larry’s Heroic actions and level of courage. Mrs. Pavlosky has attempted to have the CIB award placed onto Larry’s DD 214. She was denied by the board for correction of military records in Arlington, VA.

We have members who fit exactly into this same category and received the award. Major McDonald would never have broken an army regulation by ordering this award for Larry. Mrs. Pavlosky has written Senators Feinstein, Kerry and others to name a few and never even received so much as an answer from some of them she told me. Larry passed away in 2008 from diabetes at the age of 58. Mrs. Pavlosky also lost her other son a Navy Veteran.

Why am I telling this story you might ask? My answer is simple. This could have been many of our mothers doing the same thing that Mrs. Pavlosky is doing. You be the Judge on the award. I know what I would do.

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