CIB Monument, Oklahoma

Posted: Jul 28, 2017

Division 5 Headquarters In Oklahoma Dedicates New CIB Monument

Veterans Day, 11 Nov 2007, it was on a Sunday, the following Monday, 12 Nov 2007, the MBRS of H I I OK (ADA) dedicated a monument to all combat veterans who had been awarded the CIB. Sir, one thing we are very proud of and it is this: at the top of this monument is the mission statement of the infantry, “close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or hand to hand to combat”, below that is a replica of the CIB. To the best of my knowledge I don’t believe any of the other monuments that I have seen mention any thing specific about the mission of the “infantry soldier”. In early December 2013, I sent a video of this monument, which contained pictures of myself (CDR) and Jack Jones (XO) of H I I OK (ADA) to Larry Eckard and it was published on page 16 of the January 2014 issue of the Blue Badge. Yes, it took seven years for the picture of this monument to get published in the BB. The reason? We are not considered to be loud singers in church. We just take 30″ steps, render the proper hand salute and try our best to do the job(s) assigned to us.

J.L Rhodes
CDR – CIA – 5th Div

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